11 September 2010

"Dropping the Mask" by Timothy J.A. O'Donnell

Imagine performing an abortion while you are pregnant. Imagine your baby kicking inside your womb as you dismember the child in your patient's womb. Unthinkable? Or is it courageous?

Read this New York Times article for the grisly and shocking reality of two young female doctors that perform abortion.


In what follows, you will read my letter to the editor of the NYT to this article.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for dropping the mask.

The New Abortion Providers gives ample evidence of how journalistic standards have been compromised. It is hardly surprising to find a NYT article careening portside, but the shallowness of thought and lack of balance is stunning. Lifting Terry Randall, a known crackpot, as the Pro-life figurehead and juxtaposing him with Tiller (considered by many as a killer and extremist) polarizes rather than clarifies the issues. Moral equivalency is on display; the number of abortionists killed without any reference to the millions of dead children – victims of abortion and a false choice - , the mothers who have severe spiritual, mental, and physical problems from abortion, or the violence against Pro-life supporters is a vacuous and misleading caricature of the facts and the principles involved.

Abortion is a ghastly industry that harms women, steals fatherhood, and kills children. In a recent change in strategy, exemplified in this article, the fact that the abortion industry is increasingly more explicit and direct about the aim of abortion: the killing of the child. Biology, embryology, philosophy, and theology all present strong reasonable arguments and evidence against abortion because it is a grave injustice to the children killed.

Ask the tough questions: What is the unborn? Is the unborn a member of the human family?

"If the unborn are not human, no justification for elective abortion in necessary. But if the unborn are human, no justification for elective abortion is adequate." (Koukl, Precious Unborn Human Persons, p. 7)

Note too that there is zero reference to the baby having intrinsic value, special dignity, an unrepeatable gift, and made in the image and likeness of God.

Sadly, the article makes clear the gruesome reality of abortion as dismembering a little person alive and vulnerable in their mother’s womb, yet they are ok with that.

The mask if off.

18 October 2009

Debate between Prof George and Prof Kmiec on the Sanctity of Human Life

An exceellent debtae at Catholic University earlier in 2009 between two prominent Catholic professors Dr. Robert P. George of Princeton and Prof. Doug Kmiec. the topic is the sanctity of human life moderated by Prof. Mary Glendon. If you are interste...d in the central moral issue of our age - the sanctity of human life - or, if you are interested in the controversy over Notre Dame's choices of late, then this video is well worth the time. Both debators are Catholic, pro-life, lawyers, and professors but differ on the mens by which they promote pro-life policies affetcing life issues.

16 October 2009

Real Choice: fear of Trust?

The Bioethics Defense Fund (BDF) produced this beautiful video of one of the pivotal questions of our age: fear or Trust?

"BDF's powerful 2-minute YouTube video will inspire and uplift you! With moving simplicity, it sets forth the real choice: Fear or Trust.This video is part of the BDF BioDebate project. It's not a debate if only one side gets a hearing. The mainstream media promotes a culture of death, and BioDebate gives YOU the opportunity to use the power of video to promote a culture of life."


03 October 2009

Reflecting on praying before an abortion mill.

Outside of the abortion processing machine, in the cool wind and cloudy skies, witnesses gathered together for a common cause: relief to the scourge of abortion. It was spiritually jarring and emotionally disturbing to stand in close proximity to such a thoroughly malevolent asylum. Beginning with recitation of the Holy Rosary one nevertheless finds a way to accept the graces offered to enter into a deep meditation.

But then – mirabile dictu – through the hubbub of Georgetown Road, there was a tiny whisper of sanity: Nothing is more precious and sacred than the gift of human life. Emmanuel – God with us – is here.

Noted Pro-life apologist Stephanie Gray remarks “There is something very important and beautiful about the nature of women: that they are to be mothers (whether in spiritual or physical form). A pregnant woman becomes a tabernacle enveloping a person made in the image of the Divine”. The supreme exemplar of this insight is the Incarnation of Our Savior in the most blessed womb of Mary the Great Mother of God.

In its most profound reality, love is essentially a gift; love begins with the couple but does not end with them, because it makes them capable of the greatest possible gift, the gift by which they become cooperators with God for giving life to a new human person. Thus the couple, while giving themselves to one another, give not just themselves but also the reality of children, who are a living reflection of their love, a permanent sign of conjugal unity and a living and inseparable synthesis of their being a father and a mother (cf. Familiaris Consortio, 14).

Yet, contesting authentic giftedness stands the prevailing attitudes of the clique (this small, sectarian coterie of mainstream abortioneers). Abortion opposes love; the evil of abortion dissolves unity; the organized slaughter of innocents extends its weeping darkness to fill yet another vast cemetery.

Perceiving hidden and secret things before us in the depths of Planned Parenthood’s building, fortified and guarded with arms as it was, the realization that prayer alone has the power to break through the steel, brick, and security glass happens. Watching Dr. Havoc drive off in his glamorous sports car after his laborious day at the office emptying tummy bumps was chilling.

Pope Benedict XVI’s reflection reminds us all of the deepest meaning of authentic love.

“Love is Suffering”

We must think of love as suffering. Only if we are ready to endure it as suffering and thus ever again to accept each other and once again take the other to ourselves, only then can a lifelong relationship develop. If, on the contrary, we say when we get to the critical point, I want to avoid that, and we separate, then what we are really renouncing is the true opportunity that is to be found in man and woman being turned toward each other and in the reality of love (Pope Benedict, God and the Word).

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
Timothy J.A. O’Donnell